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Coming soon: Die Hooflig - A+

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BrotherTill maakt deze zomer een “Voorstelling van een Vreemdeling”
Je eigen grenzen aangeven in het leven is voor de ene een droom en voor de ander doodgewoon. Waar liggen de grenzen in de binnenwereld van het vreemde?
Met z’n huid als uniform struint de vreemdeling de wereld rond. Iedereen kan zich een vreemdeling voelen, maar niet iedereen wordt als een vreemdeling gezien. Laat geen grens een mens tot vreemdeling maken. BrotherTill kijkt om zich heen, en voelt zich zo vreemd.


16 Juni - Het 'Vier Oost Festival' - Zwolse Theaters in het Papenstraat-theater - KLIK HIER
30 Juni - Het 'Koepeltjes Festival' - Eelde-Paterswolde - vanaf 20:30 - KLIK HIER
02 Aug - 'Parksessies' - Haarlem - vanaf 17:30 - KLIK HIER

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BrotherTill - a Nighttime Wandering

Friend 1:
You’re walking on a road,
But your thoughts are running.
Your head is heavy.
Shadowed thoughts.
But you’re not alone my friend.
I’m right behind you

Friend 2:
Once again I’m down.
Once again I’m weak.
And there’s nothing I can do to keep
From crying your name.

Friend 1:
Nightmare’s only appear, if you have nothing to fear.
When you live in a daydream, the nightly hours can be mean.
Sometimes you wake up a lost man in a dark night,
Or you fall asleep with cold hands, full of fright.
Hey! We’re old friends.
Let’s find you a way to be happy again.

I wish my words can kiss your wound.
I wish my words can fix your tune.
You gotta breakthrough soon.
Don’t hide the pain inside your room.
She’s nothing but dust on your feet,
The sun in your eyes,
Dry lips, a shadowed mind.
Dusty tears, slowly running dry.
These blisters on your soul will heal with time.

Don’t suffocate life in your embrace.
Every day can be perfect in a billion ways.
I see you’re thirsty, reckless, can’t wait any longer.
No, nothing can stop your hunger.
Thunder woke you up, now you’re awake, alone in bed,
Crying her name, taking all the blame.
Clasping your sheets, like it’s her blonde hair
But wake up my friend, it’s just nightmare.

Friend 2:
Well my friend it’s good to see you again.
You don’t understand the pain I was in.
This woman she had me, she had me so low.
And I feel that my heart just can’t take it no more.
And my heart was breaking in pain.
This woman she had me, she drives me insane.
Before she drags me down on the floor,
Think it’s better we leave, it’s better we go.

Friend 1:
Well, let’s go then my friend.
Let’s go into town.
Get drunk and dance
Over and over again.

Friend 2:
I can’t, my feet are like lead
My head is heavy, I’m hanging my head

Friend 1:
Step by step then.
Let’s find you way to be happy again

Friend 2:
Find me a way to be happy again.
Drunk and dance all over again.

Friend 1:
My friend,
Lift your head up, come on.
Let’s find you a way to be happy again
What do you wanna do?
You wanna go into town?
Drink a beer?
Get drunk and dance.
What do you want my friend?
I’m right behind you.

Let’s go out tonight,
Go out tonight, get drunk and dance.
Drunk and dance, and over again.

Well, let’s go then
All right
Into town
My friend
And dance
Again (2x)
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BrotherTill - the Storm

The storm is beginning.
You wanna know how I know?
The birds started the last tune of their show.
The concert will end.
It will be quiet after their final tone.
When the melody stops
They’ll leave us.
We’ll be alone.

You have to admit
Life is so different than it is in your dreams.
It becomes scary sometimes:
When mother nature starts to scream,
When the stars start a war,
Raindrops are trying to beat you up,
The moonlight wants to stab you in the night,
When a tree tries to grow up without lies and then dies,
Or you’re alone,
Nobody’s home,
You cry not knowing why,
You kiss someone goodbye.

In the end
You have to know:
In the end
When hope is dried out, unable to grow,
There is no reason for you to let your hope go.
In the end,
What do we know?

Birds are still singing.
Don’t close your thoughts.
Maybe in the end,
We can all
See each other as a friend.
Maybe next year,
Thoughts will be based on faith
Instead of fear.
Maybe then the oceans
Will be filled with sweet water
Instead of tears.

What’s wrong?
Tell us what’s wrong.
Is the message is too strong?
Is the message not clear?
Is it all too cliché talking about “a better way”?

‘Cause you have to know,
When chaos reigns
And the birds stop singing at the end of their show,
They will fly away
And we are here to stay.
We can learn from our mistakes;
That’s the thing that can make a change.

Unleash your brain from you’re personal chains.
In the end
Try to stand up straight.
In the end
The ground starts to shake.
In the end
Be without regret and make your enemy a friend.
In the end
Spend your last breath on a kiss.

Take a little moment before the storm comes.

Do not fly away.

Life can change, if you will.
Lots of Love,

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BrotherTill - the Party Pops

My gentle men and lady friends
This is the house of Love,
The church of Lust,
The holy club.
Welcome and listen.

Happiness is like a kiss.
Kiss my lips and come on in.
Inside you're just a sexy thing.
One who does not have to choose.
If you can have all this Love,
Why should you be confused?
Kiss a boy and kiss a girl, only then you'll find the truth.
In this club all is limitless, and without opinions too.
A small dose of this club will make you fly high.
Do you feel the vibe?
Wonder full of wonder?
Then you're alive.

Shots with the gods.
Take a sip for the kick.
Spend the credit on your cards.
Drunk in Love?
Join the club.
Dance and sing
Drama queens.
Fill your cups
Drunken kings.
In this club we won't wait for the drop to DROP!

Love is like a kiss.
Never let your lips dry out.
Don't be shy and kiss me now.
Kiss the beat and kiss the night, kiss a man and kiss his wife.
My gentle men and lady friends,
Let's kiss until this party ends.

Open your eyes.
Look at the world outside.
What do you see?
Flashing LED's,
Crazy people on the streets.
I see a poor world where only the rich succeed.
And where there is never enough to fulfil our needs.

Inside this club the air is hot and filled with sexual fire.
We gave in to our needs, passed the stage of our desire.
I'll lick the lipstick of your lips chick.
I'll drink you're life.
Do you feel the vibe?
Wonder full of wonder?
Then you're alive.

Shots with the gods.
Take a sip for the kick.
Spend the credit on your cards.
Drunk in Love?
Join the club.
Dance and sing
Drama queens.
Fill your cups
Drunken kings.
In this club we won't wait for the drop to DROP!

Take a couple of shots.
Blacking out?
Wake up!
Getting high on your Love birds.
Fly over the top.
Come my feasting fools,
Tonight no kiss will break the rule.
Fuck this drop til the party pops.
You know what,
Stop this drop!

Let me whisper these words in your mouth.
Kiss the beat of Love.
Let us fight without violence.
Make love without guidance.
Tongue dancing all night long.

Let me dance on the core of your soul.
Feel the beat of Love.
Let me touch you, your highness.
Let all words be silenced.
Soul kissing under the stars.

Taste the rhythm of Lust.
Crazy dances.
Mix it up.
Drop the beat as a bomb bitches.
Scream when the music drops.
Come my pussy's and cocks,
it's time to smash this party up.
Fuck the drop til the party pops.
Til the party pops, we'll fuck the drop.

Can I kiss you goodbye now?
Kiss my lips.
Don't stop.
Baby please don't cry now.
Smile when the sun comes up.
This is the end of the night.
Soon the morning will arrive.
Fuck the drop til the party pops.
Til the party pops, we'll fuck the drop.
Fuck the drop til the party pops.
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Peter van Til
Peter van Til
Peter van Til
Peter van Til
Peter van Til
Peter van Til
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University Zuyd donated a media-artwork on the occasion of the official opening of the Arcus Campus on the 16th of April 2015.This media-artwork is an interactive video projection - a double-work of Peter van Til and Luca Szymkowiak.‘A passing through’ of Luca Szymkowiak, is a serene video-work in which the passage of time is poured into a shape. A pale figure wearing white duvet clothes, is waiting in an adjacent space while carrying a lump of butter. The butter melts endlessly slow, just as time does. On approaching this projected image very closely, another video-work ‘TILLTHESTARS’ of artist Peter van Til appears in front of you, like a stained glass window. Swirling baroque images depict the 13th constellation of the Zodiac: Ophiuchus. This media artwork of Peter van Til is based upon colourfully reworked self-images, endlessly constructed in baroque fractal structures.

Together with music - composer/producer Mathijs van Til and the 'Grand Old Lady' of the Groningse vernacular music Lianne Abeln I made this videoshow for "SandSculpture Theme-park Zuidlaren". An artwork about the legend of the White Women (Wise Women).From October until January in SculpturePark Zuidlaren - Address (Hanekamp 3, 9471 AS Zuidlaren)

Peter van Til
Peter van Til

These two pictures were made for an exhibition in the Art Gallery Pitesti. (Romania). The pictures are a modern version of the Annunciation of our Lady. Above the Dutch country-side an Angel appears, during the rising of the dawn. She floats and tumbles in the womb of Mother Nature.

Peter van Til

From October until January in SculpturePark Zuidlaren - Address (Hanekamp 3, 9471 AS Zuidlaren) A Magical videoshow by Peter van Til with music by Mathijs van Til. The legend of the White Ladies. In Dutch mythology and legends, the Witte Wieven (also known as Wittewijven) are spirits of "wise women" (or else elven beings). The mythology dates back at least to the pre-Christian era (7th century) and was known in the present-day regions of the Netherlands and Belgium and parts of France. In some places they were known as Juffers or Joffers ("ladies"), or as Dames Blanches ("white ladies") in French.

Peter van Til, Marius Mensink

The winner of the Fringe Silver Award 2013. "This is without a doubt one of the shows you simply must visit this Fringe! In Mick Jagger is my nightmare, we witness how legendary rock musician and frontman of The Rolling Stones tries to take possession of theatrical performer Marius Mensink’s body. In this exhausting battle they fight for their existence, for the stage and for the audience." Lighting design by Peter van Til. This September the performance Mick Jagger is my nightmare wil be playing during the FRINGE FESTIVAL in CAPETOWN! (6 Roodehek Terrace, off Hope Street, 8001 Kaapstad)

Peter van Til
Peter van Til, Peter Missotten

INSLAG is a performance made by Nina Willems and Marijke de Kerf. A performance in which neuroscience and theatre come together. With the scientific research by Sarah Willems, Lighting - Stagedesign by Vasilis Apostolatos, Sound-design by Xavier van Wersch Coaching by Helena Muskens and Quirine Racké and Video-work by Peter van Til. This performance is in co-production with "Stichting Cultura Nova" with support by "Fonds Podiumkunsten" and "C/O Talentontwikkeling". This performance is now playing on the Cement theaterfestival @ De Muzerije BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW! (Hinthamerstraat 74, 5211 MR, Den Bosch)

From now on until July 2014 Peter Missotten and Bernhard Lang wil be working on the visual libretto for a new performance based opera for the Nationaltheater Mannheim. Together with: Camera / First Assistent: Peter van Til and Actors Luca Szymkowiak, Joey Schrauwen, Mathieu Wijdeven, Nick Bos and Jelle Hoekstra. Opening night for this opera will be in spring 2016.
Peter van Til
Peter van Til
In December/January I worked together with Karel van Laere and Vanja Rukavina on their project: BOKKO - The Ultimate Fusion. Bokko is an energetic dance performance that blurs the boundaries between virtuality and reality. Together with Karel van Laere I produced the video-work of this show. BOKKO is a Paradiso/Melkweg Production. Bokko is now playing on 'de Parade' in Rotterdam, Den Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam.
TILL THERE WAS YOU - A three screen Video-installation by Peter van Til with music and sound-design by Ingmar de Vos.
Peter van Til
TILL I AM THERE - A single screen video installation that I made during the Jonge Harten Festival - Groningen.
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